Our Bylaws

(Adopted 1976; Amended November, I991; Amended January, 2017)

About Us

Kenya society of Environmental, Biological and Agricultural Engineers (KeSEBAE) (formerly the Kenya Society of Agricultural Engineers) is a professional society dedicated to the advancement of science and the art of engineering in environment, food, energy and water.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote and advance the development of our member’s profession in Kenya and beyond.

Our Mission

We seeks to become a key knowledge partner and visible policy advocate on the role of engineering and technology in the transformation and industrialization of the environment, food, energy and water towards achieving sustainable development in Kenya.

Core Values

Advancing the theory and practice of engineering in the environment, biological based production, processing industries, biological systems, agricultural advancement and the allied sciences

Our Bylaws

Constitution, By Laws and Rules
(Adopted 1976; Amended November, I991; Amended January, 2017)

Sec 1 The name of this society is the Kenya Society of Environmental, Biological and Agricultural
Sec 2 The Society is a corporation organized in 1 972 and is registered under the laws of the Registrar
of Societies with the executive office located in Professional House, Denis Pritt Road, Nairobi.
Sec 3 The Society shall be governed by this Constitution and by Bylaws and Rules in harmony
Sec. 1 The objects of the Society are to promote the science and art of engineering in the
environment, biology based production processing and management systems and agriculture:
to encourage original research; to foster relevant engineering; to advance the standards of
engineering ;to increase and extend the association of relevant engineers among themselves
and with allied scientists and technologists; to encourage the professional improvement of
its members and severally and in cooperation with other groups to broaden the usefulness of
relevant engineering.
Sec. 2 The Society may approve or adopt any report, standard code, formula, or recommended
practice, but shall forbid and oppose the use of its name, emblem, or initials to indicate
official or implied approval if of any commercial work or business except, to indicate
conformity with its standards or recommended practices.
Sec. 1 The corporate membership shall consist of Fellows, Members and Associate Members. In
addition, there shall be Honorary Members, Affiliates and Student Members.
Sec. 2 The rights and privileges of every member shall be personal to the member and shall not be
transferable, except that each corporate member shall be entitled to vote on any question before
the Society either in person or by proxy given to a corporate member.
Sec. 3 Every person admitted to membership shall be subject to the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of
the Society.
Sec.1 (a) Members of all grades except Honorary Members, Fellows and Student-grade members shall be
elected by the executive committee and announced formally at the Annual General Meeting.

Honorary Members and Fellows shall be elected by the Executive Committee

Student Members shall be accepted without election on application certified by an appropriate
academic staff member to curriculum.
Sec. 2 An Honorary Member shall be a person of acknowledged professional eminence whose
accomplishments have a relevant Engineering relationship and international significance in their
contribution to human well- being. The grade of honorary Member shall be reserved for nonmembers or non-corporate members of the Society.
Sec. 3 A fellow shall be an engineer of unusually professional distinction with outstanding and
extraordinary qualifications and experience in a relevant field of engineering. A Fellow shall
have had 20 years of active practice in the profession of engineering or teaching of engineering.
Graduation from a professional engineering curriculum shall be considered equal to 4 years of
active practice. The grade of Fellow shall have honourary status, to which engineers of
distinction may be elected, but for which they may not apply. There shall be no direct admission
to the Society in this grade; admission shall be only by transfer from the grade of Member or
Senior Member after a minimum of 10 years in these grades. A Fellow shall have been in active
practice of the profession or a teacher of engineering for at least 20 years and shall have
demonstrated distinction in performance over a period of at least 5 of these years in one or more
of the following categories:
a) Publication of important, original engineering papers, books or inventions, or
b) Technical direction with evidence of accomplishment of important engineering work, or
c) Creative contributions to the advancement of the engineering profession, or
d) Establishment or furtherance of important engineering courses in a school or recognized
standing ,or
e) (Other equivalent contributions in such areas as technical editing, the development
of engineering standards, and leadership in the technical activities of the Society.
Sec. 4 A Member shall be a graduate of an accredited professional engineering curriculum accredited
by a recognized engineering accrediting agency and in addition shall have had not less than 6
years of acceptable active practice or teaching in this profession, at least 3 of which shall have
been in a position of responsible charge of engineering work. A member shall be qualified to
direct such work or to carry on important design, research or teaching in the field of
engineering. A certificate of registration in the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) shall be
considered equivalent to 3 years of active practice or teaching. If not such a graduate a Member
shall have equivalent attainments, including not less than 12 years of acceptable active practice

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