5th PASAE International Conference 2023


The annual international conference for 2023, was organized by the Kenya Society of Environmental, Biological, and Agricultural Engineers (KeSEBAE) in collaboration with the Pan African Society for Agricultural Engineering (PASAE), took place from Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th December 2023. The conference revolved around the theme of “Engineering
Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want.“

About The Conference

i. Seamless Connections: This encompasses the development of roads, railways, air transport, water transport, and ICT infrastructure
ii. Energy for Africa: It focuses on the need to ensure reliable and sustainable energy sources across the continent
iii. Industrialized Agriculture: It aims to enhance food security through the adoption of advanced agricultural practices
iv. Housing: Emphasizes the importance of providing adequate and affordable housing for all Africans
v. Free Trade in Services: Focuses on promoting economic growth by facilitating the exchange of services across borders
vi. Security: Seeks to create a safe and stable environment for African nations
vii. Sustainable Environment and Climate Change, Blue Economy: Aims to protect the environment and harness the potential of Africa’s oceans and water resources
viii. Engineering Education and Practice: Focuses on the development of skilled engineers to drive innovation and infrastructure development

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